The Ruin

The Ruin

Even though I’m a lover of all things beer, I would never turn down a tasty cocktail. One of my favorite places to go for artisanal cocktails is The Ruin.

the ruin sign

The drinks are delicious, the staff is awesome, and the atmosphere is dark and cozy. If the cocktails on the menu don’t spike my interest, the bartenders are great at taking flavor profiles and a liquor of choice to make a drink that will almost always impress.

the ruin cocktail yellow with lemon peel


the ruin cocktail pink with lemon peel and blueberries

I also find myself returning¬† to Ruin because of the atmosphere. Before the late night shenanigans begin, Ruin has an intimate, darker vibe. You can sit at the bar, two seater tables, on a couch, or larger tables for bigger groups. Once the busy time hits, it definitely gets loud, but what bar doesn’t? I also love the location. It ‘s great for us suburbanites to have a fun bar nearby.

the ruin cocktail and drink menu
If you’re in the area and needing a libation, stop by The Ruin and have a drink or two. The only issue: You’ll want to go back every weekend.

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