The Old Dutch Store

The Old Dutch Store

I’m a sucker for a tasty sandwich. One of my favorite places to get my sandwich fix is The Old Dutch Store. It’s a deli meets specialty Dutch goods store. Most of the sandwiches come with meat in tube form (liverwurst, pate, salami, teawurst, or pork loin), tomato, mayo or miracle whip, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Simple but delicious. You can order just the sandwich or sandwich with a meal. The former comes with a small side salad, dessert, and pickle. If sandwiches aren’t your jam, they have often have specials that consist of sausages, potato salad, corned beef and cabbage, meatballs, cakes, cookies, and more.
The Old Dutch sandwich
While you’re waiting for your order to be made, you can walk around the small store and look at the interesting Dutch products. Is it strange that I love looking at pre packaged food from different countries?
Parking can be a little tricky during peak business times. So, I suggest getting your sandwich fix before or after the usual lunch rush.
Service can be a little slow. But not because the staff ignores you. It’s actually the opposite. They’re so nice they want to make conversation with everyone! Which is completely endearing.
In the end, The Old Dutch Store will forever have a small piece of my heart. My sandwich loving heart.

The Deets

2696 S Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, Utah
Monday – Friday 10am- 6pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Closed Sunday

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