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The Hatch

collin standing in crib looking out the window

Easy, Delicious Weekly Meal Plans for Busy Moms! Yes Please! HomeMeal PlansRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout Must Have Monday – The Hatch June 22, 2019 About 3 months ago, we were struggling with two things: Collin waking up too early and Collin waking up in full scream mode. Since he’d wake screaming, our first instinct was to rush…

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Sleep Training

Collin taking a bath

Sleep Training I never knew how difficult sleep training would be until I had kids. Before Owen and Collin, I thought I knew what tired felt like. I look back at pre-kids Leslie and think, “Seriously? You thought you were tired? Really? Really?” Ian and I were fortunate enough with Owen because he was relatively…

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