Parsons’ Bakery

Parsons’ Bakery

This past weekend, the four of us went on a drive to Bountiful. Why in the world would I go to Bountiful? Well, it was to stuff my face with all things sweet from Parsons’ Bakery. Even though it was only the four of us, I bought enough to feed a family of 10. I’m one of those people that once I started ordering, I can’t stop.

parsons bakery store front with brown brick

Owen requested a donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Shocker. The toddler wanted the most colorful item in the case. Even though the plan was to sample the goodies at a local park, Owen demanded to eat his on the drive there. He has never been one for following the plan. And let me just say he loved the donut. Like had chocolate EVERYWHERE loved it.

owen eating a plain donut with chocolate frosting and colorful sprinkles from parsons bakery

Considering Fall is in full-swing, the pumpkin spice donut was a must. On the smaller, not as sweet side, the donut had a nice hit of pumpkin spices. It was definitely my favorite item out of the bunch. The morning bun, a hand-made croissant dough layered with butter and rolled in sugar, also called my name because who doesn’t like delicious dough sprinkled in sugar? The layers were exactly as described: buttery and sugary. I love morning buns, whereas Ian prefers a croissant, especially one that is tender, flakey, and of course buttery. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Ian got.

pumpkin spice donut being held and from parsons bakery

morning bun from parsons bakery being held

croissant from parsons bakery being held

inside of a croissant from parsons bakery

Even though my sweet tooth was rather content, I just kept going. Self control has never been my strong suite. It was obvious the maple donut and cinnamon bun were freshly made because the doughs were melt in your mouth tender.  While both might have been a bit on the sweet side for me, my boys, especially Collin, loved them.

cinnamon bun with frosting on white plate from parsons bakery


ian holding collin and eating a maple donut from parsons bakery

On cooler mornings, I suggest ordering a cup of coffee and eating your goodies in the store. Just keep in mind that seating is limited. Taking the pastries or bread to go seemed quite popular because I saw several people leaving with their goodies in hand and large smiles on their faces. You can also make a special order if you have a celebration coming up. I’ve seen pictures of their custom cakes and I will say they are impressive!

I’ve got to admit, this was one of my first visits to Bountiful. Even though I’m not itching to go back every weekend, I’m sure I will be back sooner rather than later. If supporting a local bakery and eating homemade pastries or bread sounds of interest to you, I suggest taking the drive to Bountiful and stopping by Parsons’ Bakery. The chances of you leaving with a happy belly and a smile on your face are pretty close to certain.

The Deets

535 W. 2600 S.
Bountiful, UT 84010


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