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The best family picture we could get…


We recently got back from Maui and I can sum it up in two words: amazing and exhausting. Amazing because it’s Hawaii. Honestly, how can you go wrong with the beach, palm trees, snorkeling, beautiful flowers, swimming in the pool, delicious food, and more. Exhausting because of these two stink pots…

Maui 801eats
Those eyes though
Maui 801eats
Those dimples though

Traveling with little ones is a ridiculous amount of work. Like ‘I want to cry and ball up in the fetal position’ type of work. Even though Owen is over two years old, can watch shows on the I pad and somewhat entertain himself, he really isn’t that easy to travel with. The tantrums start out of nowhere and are about the most mundane things. The fruit packets were not the color he wanted. Or his shoe strap came undone (he undid it in the first place). Or he didn’t get his water quickly enough. Can I say spoiled? And since no one wants to listen to a toddler tantrum, Ian and I were constantly on edge to keep his highness happily occupied.

A completely different animal is his brother Collin. Even though Collin isn’t too difficult of a baby, he’s still a baby. And he knows what he wants, which is to be held and walked around. Constantly. That’s a bit difficult on an airplane. Dodging stewardesses and other travelers while holding a fussy baby is exhausting. Thankfully, we brought the Bjorne, so Ian and I took turns between playing with Owen and bobbing Collin down the aisle for 4.5 hours.

Maui 801eats
Happy Collin, exhausted Mommy
Maui 801eats
I feel ya, Ian
Maui 801eats
A much needed beer

Yes, it was all worth it because we had an amazing trip. But I’m not itching to get on a plane any time soon.

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