I’ve decided that being a breastfeeding/pumping full time teacher and mom is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve never felt so out of place and questioning everything I do. A few questions that have come and gone and come again in the past 4 months…


How often should I pump?

Where should I pump so a student or my principal doesn’t walk in on me?

Should I breastfeed Collin?

Why does Owen only eat granola bars, dry cereal, and yogurt drinks?

Is he watching too much TV?

Why do I let Collin co-sleep when I know it’s going to a terrible habit to break?

Why is Collin such a terrible sleeper?

Do I let Collin sleep with a binky?

Why does Owen wine for absolutely everything?

Will I ever be able to eat dinner while not sitting on the floor?

I’m sick, so do I take Mucinex? I know it will dry up my milk a bit. Or do I suffer through and keep my milk supply up? And then potentially get pneumonia again?

Owen is sick…Collin is sick…Ian is sick…do I run for the hills and never look back?


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