Tulie Bakery

Tulie Bakery

4 Stars-2

Food: Top notch baked goods, sandwiches, and coffee.  The croissant and morning bun are must haves.
Vibe: Modern and bright with natural lighting.  Seating is limited and can be difficult to come by during peak times.
Service: Quick and friendly.
Locations: 863 E. 700 S.  AND  1510 S. 1500 E.

If I had to create a list of the top 10 eateries in Salt Lake City, Tulie Bakery would be on that list.  My love of Tulie comes from eating some of the best baked goods around.  Everything from the cakes, croissants, cookies, and sandwiches is made with precision and care.  If this review doesn’t get you visiting Tulie soon, I’m not sure what will.

The Good

I have one word for you: croissant.  Their croissant should be categorized in its own food group.  It’s large; about twice the size of your average croissant.  It’s golden brown, flakey, crunchy on the outside but soft and delicate on the inside.  I will admit, growing up I was never a croissant fan.  I thought they were a bit boring.  Then, I tried the croissant at Tulie Bakery and never looked back.  These croissants don’t need extra butter or jam.  They can be eaten and enjoyed as is. If you’re in the mood to get a little wild, you can order the croissant and egg, which is practically a croissant on steroids.  It’s stuffed with egg, cheese, and bacon (there is a vegetarian option).  It’s then covered with more cheese and baked until crisp.  It is sinful. Deliciously sinful.

The other must try item is the morning bun.  The morning bun is buttery, a bit chewy on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. Each bite has a wonderful balance of sweetness and spice from the sugar and cinnamon.  If forced to choose a favorite breakfast treat, it would without a doubt be their Morning Bun.

When one eats good pastries, one must also drink good coffee. Fortunately, Tulie Bakery has that covered too.  They use La Barba coffee, which is smooth and very drinkable.  The price of their coffee is on the higher end, but it is worth it.

If you’re in the mood for something savory, I would order one of their sandwiches.  They are large and easily sharable.  A great option is sharing the grilled cheese or the prosciutto with brie.  They use high end ingredients, which makes each component stand out.

The atmosphere is modern with plenty of natural lighting from large windows.  I love sitting at the bar, so I can watch the passing parade outside.  If the weather is warm, I suggest sitting outside because the inside can get a bit crowded and cramped.  As a heads up, both locations are the friendliest for large parties or active kids.

The Let Down

The seating at both locations is limited.  At the 700 south location, you can sit at two communal tables, which make seating a bit awkward.  Personally, I like having my own space when eating out.  I’m not a big fan of sitting next to people I don’t know.  My mom, on the other hand, loves this type of seating because she enjoys being part of the scene.  So while the seating is not my favorite, if you’re more socially inclined, you’ll probably enjoy it.

The Bad


The Pictures

Tulie Bakery

Tulie Bakery

Tulie Bakery
Tulie Bakery
Morning Bun

The Verdict

If you are ever questioning where to get breakfast or lunch, stop by Tulie Bakery.  As I’m sure you can tell, it is a favorite of mine.  I would drive farther than I’m willing to admit to get their croissant or morning bun.  I suggest getting there early because seating can get tight and by mid afternoon their pastry options get limited.

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