Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks

Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks

It’s official: I’m in full waddle mode.  I reached 34 weeks this past Friday, which means I’m a little more than a month away from meeting baby Shelledy.  Apparently, he’s the size of a butternut squash, which my uterus and bladder would fully agree with.

Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks
Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks
Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks
Pregnancy Update 34 Weeks


This past month was the beginning of the end with sleeping well.  The combination of needing to pee a few times a night, consistent heartburn, painful hips, and nasal congestion has caused my sleeping to be rather sporadic and poor.  As most people say, it’s just preparing me for the arrival of the baby.

Cravings / Food

Even though I don’t have any strong cravings this pregnancy, I have been enjoying any and all desserts that contain chocolate.  In fact, I splurge on dessert every night.  It doesn’t help that Ian and I have been re-watching The Great British Baking Show, so I’ve become a baking-aholic.  It’s actually a little ridiculous how much I bake.

Exercise / Weight Gain

Unfortunately, I have not been exercising for the past month.  I could use the excuse that I’m busy with work or taking care of Owen, but honestly, I just haven’t wanted to.  After work all I want to do is get Owen, cook dinner, and relax.  Fortunately, I’ve only gained 18 pounds, so I don’t feel too bad about not exercising.  I’ll get back into it…one day.

Delivery Plan

I had a c-section with Owen, so as of now, I’ve scheduled to have another c-section.  It’s scheduled for 39 weeks.  If baby arrives before then, I might labor naturally or opt for a c-section.  I’m not sure and I’m not worried about it.  From my labor and delivery experience with Owen, I learned that what you plan rarely ever happens.  So my plan this time?  Role with the punches.

Are We Ready?

No!  Ian and I are just starting to get clothes together and think about where the baby will sleep, etc.  Again, I’m not worries or stressed.  If baby arrived tomorrow, we’d figure it out.

Emotional State

My hormones and emotional state depend on the day.  Some days I love being pregnant and feel nostalgic that this will probably be my last pregnancy.  Other days I just want to be done with it all.  I can also easily cry over anything and everything.  The saving grace is staying busy with teaching and taking care of Owen.

Maternity Leave Plans

I will be taking 8 weeks off from teaching.  It will be hard.  Actually, I think it be harder than I expect, but I also feel the pressure to get back to school.  So, as most moms say, I’ll do my best to balance it all.

Most Excited For

I am by far the most excited for meeting the little guy.  I can’t fathom loving another being as much as I love Owen.  When I picture what we’ll look like, I keep imagining Owen, so I can’t wait to see what/who he actually looks like.

Least Excited For

The stress of taking care of a newborn while being sleep deprived and also taking care of Owen, is causing the most anxiety.  Thank goodness I have an amazing husband who shares every responsibility (sans breastfeeding) equally.  So, at least I know we’re in this craziness together.

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