Alamexo Cantina

Alamexo Cantina

3.5 starts

Food: Food that packs a punch and leaves you craving more.  The short rib barbacoa enchilada is a must.  The flautas missed the mark and should be skipped.
Service: Top notch.
Atmosphere: Outside patio is comfortable and relaxing, but the inside can get loud.

There’s a newbie in town: Alamexo Cantina.  Known for its contemporary food, Alamexo Cantina is serving local, homemade, and family style Mexican food.

The Good

When ordering an enchilada, I question how  a restaurant could make anything better than those served at Red Iguana.  Well, the chef at Alamexo Cantina, has proven Red Iguana has a competitor.  The carne con rajas y papas ($15.95) served with short rib barbacoa, poblano rajas, potatoes, and salsa jitomate was the favorite dish of the night.  The meat was pull apart tender and full of flavor.  It was truly top notch.

My favorite tacos in town are the al pastor from El Morelense.  While the al pastor de alamexo tacos ($15.95) didn’t fully compete, they were still delicious.  Once again, the meat was fall apart tender and packed full of flavor from the gujaillo chile adobo.  While the addition of pineapple provided a great acidic note, I wish there were more pieces.  I also needed more corn tortillas.  There was plenty of meat to fill 6 tortillas, rather than the provided 4.

It comes with the expectation that when eating at a Mexican restaurant, you’ll get complementary chips and salsa.  Thankfully, Alamexo Cantina did not disappoint in this department.  The chips were crisp and salty, and served with a salsa that had a bit of smokiness as well as heat.  It was a great start to the meal.

As a side dish, we ordered the elotes ($3), street corn with lime aioli, queso fresco, and chile molido.  A solid, satisfying dish, the corn was creamy and slightly sweet. There was nothing spectacular or over the top about this dish, but was definitely enjoyed.

Ian and I got lucky enough to enjoy the patio for one of the last relatively warm weekends of the year.  If you are able to sit on the patio, do it.  It’s relatively quiet and the seating is comfortable.  When I ventured inside to use the restroom, the dining room echoed, making it difficult to hear, so I can see the inside noise level getting too loud rather quickly.

Service was excellent.  We were immediately welcomed and the server was attentive and helpful.  No complaints.

I’m not sure what they were called, but at the end of the meal we were given 2 complementary cinnamon and sugar chips.  I’m a sucker for anything free.  When it’s tasty, I’m an even bigger sucker.  It was a nice sweet end to the meal without feeling overwhelmingly stuffed.

The Mediocre

One of Ian’s favorite foods is chorizo.  So, when we saw the flautas con papas y chorizo ($7.25) or two overstuffed flautas filled with house made chorizo and potatoes served with guajillo salsa, lettuce, and crema, we knew we had to try it.  Unfortunately, we were let down simply because it appeared the chorizo had gone missing.  The flautas were barely stuffed and tasted mainly of mashed potatoes.  I’m not sure if the chorizo flavoring was meant to be mild, but it was dissapointing when expecting something bursting with chorizo.

The Bad


The Photos

alamexo cantina 1
chips and salsa alamexo cantina
Chips and Salsa
alamexo cantina 3
Flautas Con Papas Y Chorizo (Overstuffed Enchiladas)
alamexo cantina 5
Carne Con Rajas Y Papas (Short Rib Enchilada)
alamexo cantina 6
Elotes (Corn)
alamexo cantina 7
Al Pastor de Alamexo (Al Pastor Tacos)

The Verdict

Go to Alamexo Cantina and give it a try.  The barbacoa enchilada is a must.  As is sitting on the patio.  I’m looking forward to venturing back and sampling more of the menu, including a margarita or two once baby Shelledy arrives.

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