Top 10 Favorite Places in Utah July 2017

One of the best Mexican food restaurants in West Valley, Utah. Al Pastor tacos that will melt in your mouth.
Al Pastor Tacos
One of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City, Utah, 3 Cups offers homemade pastries, gelato and drinks.
Iced Tea 3 Cups

The List…

The best tacos in Utah are right in your back yard.  Visit West Valley, to get an order of the al pastor tacos.  Caramelized meat, sweet pineapple, homemade salsas and fresh condiments.
Even though I don’t usually love a big breakfast, if I’m at Roots Cafe, I indulge every time.  The buttermilk pancakes and chicken salad sandwich are my absolutes. Great atmosphere especially on the patio when the weather is warm.
It’s hard to go wrong with Blue Copper coffee and homemade goodies. They feature unique gelato flavors, such as High West Stracciatella.  If the Southwest salad is available when you visit, order it.  So, if you’re in Holladay, Utah, stop by and order a coffee and treat. You won’t regret it.
Best pizza in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The homemade ricotta is heavenly.  I usually order pepperoni with ricotta or artichokes with cooked prosciutto.  Honestly, you won’t be disappointed with a single dish.
It’s unpretentious, relaxing, and has quick service.  Plus the food is top notch.  A must have? The beef rolls.  Melt in your mouth amazing.
I could eat their salami sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It comes with salami, cheese, ice burg lettuce, vinegar, and tomato. While it’s not fancy, the ingredients shine and deliver an excellently balanced sandwich.  It’s the best sandwich in Salt Lake City, Utah!
An artisan butchery. I go specifically for the smoked trout and salmon even though the sausages and various cuts of meat are top notch.
Homemade breads and baked goods.  If you’re a macaron lover, they have several unique flavors.  Located near downtown Salt Lake City, it’s a great option for breakfast, a snack, or dessert.
The best beer in Salt Lake City, Utah comes from 2 Row.  The Random IPA and the Nemesis Pale Ale are full flavored, well balanced, and down right delicious.  If you’re in the mood for fresh draft beer, stop buy for a growler.
The bubble tea brings me immediately back to China.  The food is seemingly authentic as well.  The boiled wontons are the best in Salt Lake City, Utah.

*This list is no particular order*

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