Harbor Seafood & Steak Co. Review

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Food: A focus on seafood and steak, and making comfort food that truly satisfied.  The fish & chips and beef satay are must haves.
Service: Attentive and welcoming.
Atmosphere: Modern and plenty of natural lighting.  A bit cramped, but seating has improved a bit in the past few months.
Location: 2302 Parleys Way, Salt Lake City, UT

Whenever I’m looking for a meal that will truly satisfy, I go to Harbor Seafood & Steak C0..  A local restaurant that specializes on simple, comfort food that has a focus on serving high quality seafood and steaks.  Yes, the name seems a bit outdated and cheesy, but the food doesn’t disappoint.  I promise.
The Good
The fish & chips always arrive hot and crispy, and served on a large pile of fresh out of the fryer fries.  It also comes with a malt vinegar aioli and tartar sauce, making the meal complete.
Combine Wagyu beef and a spicy peanut glaze, and I’m one happy lady.  The skewered grilled beef satay offers meat that melts in your mouth along with a sauce that is savory and Asian influenced.  It truly is the perfect way to start a meal.  Recently, I had the special of Szechuan sticky pork spare ribs.  It was just as tasty, if not better, than the satay.  So if it’s on the menu when you visit, order it.  I would get 2 orders and take one home for leftovers.  They were that good.
Even though I usually don’t clamor for clam chowder, Harbor does an excellent job.  Creamy, full of clams, and a sourdough roll is a satisfying appetizer or side dish.
Depending on the time of year, Harbor offers various daily fish specials.  I’ve had the salmon and halibut, both of which were perfectly cooked and well seasoned.
If you’re craving something truly decadent, order the Wagyu filet mignon.  Since it’s such a high quality piece of meat, it’s hard to go wrong.  Most recently, Ian ordered it for Father’s Day dinner. Let’s just say he was one happy dad!  We believe it was topped with truffle butter because of a strong truffle smell, which was not necessary, but either way Ian was not disappointed.
While it seems a little old school, I love the concept of being able to choose your protein sauce and side dishes.  The go-to’s in my family are the blue cheese and bacon gratin, peas and pancetta, and brocollini with browned butter and almonds.  I couldn’t tell you which one is best because they are all top notch.
The atmosphere is equally as pleasing.  Located in what used to be a dark, old Italian restaurant, the owners of Harbor redesigned the spaced to feel welcoming yet relaxed.  Some of the seating near the bar was too close for comfort, but recently that issue had been solved.
Each time my servers have been welcoming, attentive, and down right friendly.  No complaints here.
The Mediocre
The Let Downs
The Pictures
Wagyu Fillet Mignon
Fish & Chips
Special: Szechuan Sticky Pork Spare Ribs
The Verdict
Even though it doesn’t get as much hype as Copper Onion, Current, or Handle, it is just as good or even better.  Try it out and let me know what you think.  I’m pretty certain, you’ll love it as much as I do.

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