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Food: Mojo Mexican Tacos, steal cut oats, and the Asian Chicken salad are highly suggested. Honestly, the entire menu looked and sounded scrumptious.
Service: Excellent.
Atmosphere: Modern, plenty of light, and comfortable seating. Outdoor seating available as well.
Location: Suite #EF,1600 Snow Creek Drive, Park City, UT 84060

When my mom, Ian and I recently did a “staycation” in Park City, Utah, we were in search of a lunch spot.  I did a bit of Yelp research and found the exact restaurant I was looking for. A homage to Australian foodie culture, Five 5eeds  specializes in local and seasonal food as well as artisan coffee.
The Good
Everything. While I didn’t eat the entire menu, what we did manage to devour was delicious.
My mom ate the steal cut oats ($9.50) which came with toasted coconut, cinnamon spiced granny’s apples, nuts, seeds, citrus and whipped marscapone.  It was flavorful and satisfying; and had a slightly decadent take on a traditionally boring breakfast dish.
Some may question if getting decent seafood in Park City is possible, but Five 5eeds would prove those nay-sayers wrong. The mojo Mexican tacos ($14.50), shrimp topped with red cabbage slaw, fresh cilantro and chipotle spiced cream, was a light and refreshing lunch I could eat on a weekly basis. Just a heads up: the tacos were a bit spicy. I enjoy spicy food, so it didn’t bother me, but if you’re sensitive to heat, this may not be the dish for you.
As most you already know, I love salads.  Fortunately, their Asian chicken salad ($14.50) did not disappoint.  It was packed full of poached chicken breast, red and green cabbage, carrots, edamame, green onions, roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, and dressed in an Asian vinaigrette. Crunchy, savory, and perfectly filling for lunch.
The next day, breakfast included a smashed avocado on toast ($11.50), which again, was well made and pleasing to the palate. The addition of feta, mint, watercress, pickled red onion, beet relish, and seared lime, made it unlike any avocado toast I’ve tried.  While the beet relish almost overwhelmed the avocado, it was a nice accompaniment in small amounts.  The pickled red onion was what truly made this dish a winner because it offered an acidic bite that cut the richness of the avocado.  If you’re interested in being even more indulgent, add a poached egg for an additional $2.00.
Wanting something a little simpler, Ian ordered the eggs any way you like ($11.50).  Similar to the usual American breakfast, it came with an order of eggs, toast, and bacon or sausage.  What made this usually traditional breakfast a bit different and I’m assuming Australian was the addition of a seared or baked tomato.  It provided a necessary acidity to the creamy egg and rich, meaty bacon.
Even though I’ve only eaten at Five 5eeds twice, the service was impeccable.  The wait staff was attentive, helpful, and patient, even with a 15 month old putting his food here, there, and everywhere.
The atmosphere is just as pleasing.  Located in a strip mall, the environment was not what I was expecting.  It was modern, had plenty of natural light, and comfortable seating.  During the warmer months, I would suggest taking advantage of the outside seating.
The Let Downs
The Bad
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The Verdict
If you’re ever in Park City or simply in need of getting out of Salt Lake, Five 5eeds is a must try. You won’t be disappointed with the fresh, well made, and simply delicious food.  If you’re thirsty, enjoy an iced tea or a glass of their nitro iced coffee.  Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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